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Hand Carved Resin

Hand Painted Tampo Resin

Test Tampo Resin

preproduction with screw on base

Flying Colors bp

Red Ribbon w/ redlines loose

Alternate Tampo---white replace yellow


Red Ribbon w/ basic wheels

Alt tampo-white replaces yellow

Body Transition
-gloss RL body vs enamel body

1976 Flying Colors Poster

Store Display signs

Double Dare Speedway

Stingray Set

Shrinky Dinks

Sticker patch

30th Anniv

Trading card

Chrome ribbon w/ redlines

Japan box

International bp

Chrome ribbon w/basic wheels  

2 pack

Grey ribbon

2 Tampo colors

Prototype with redlines

Yellow Ribbon

Dark Golden Machine

Light Golden Machine

6 pack

Orange Ribbon

Sleeping bag

T shirt

Wipe out Track Set

USA Machines

Orange Ribbon w/gold wheels

roof tampo variation-came out of employee collection

Prototype Gold Metalflake

Prototype Maroon Metalflake

40th Anniv

Bionic Power prototype

Prototype Hand painted stingray in prototype pack with prototype pins
-as seen HW Newsletter Oct/Nov 06
-all 3 cars are prototypes

Black Hot Ones

French ad showing in french 3 pack

Black Prototype

Zamac unriveted body

zamac unriveted body

paint sample

Red w/gold wheels

Metalflake red

Finnish bp

French Hot Wheels package

French Iron T-shirt design

French ad

iron on transfer

Prototype Hot Ones bp-has blank back

Canadian McDonalds Display

McDonalds Promo pin

US pin


Sign with East and West Coast sides

Mcdonalds instruction sheet

Canadian 3 pack

International patch

Alternate patch

Alternate patch

4 patches

5th patch

light blue background and orange background

error patches

German Hot Ones sticker

German poster

Metalflake red

1982 kids shoelace


Mail in jacket

Yellow prototype

Yellow prototype with screw base

Red Kellogs Mail-in

Kellogs box

Prototypes  Kellogs


Aqua windshield with original stingray base vs blue windshield and bar base

gold wheels

-cream roof, unriveted

Prototype #2


Silver w/black in stripe


Leo India Stingrays

Billionth Edition

Mattel ad

Employee Set

1992 Convention Stingray

Corvette Museum

Orange from HW Cereal

No corvette on hood


White NPS

Green Gleam Team

Silver Gleam Team

error bp

Silver Gleam Team w/ultra hots 

Silver Gleam Team w/sp5

Gold Gleam Team

Blue from Chevy 5pk

Blue from Chevy 5pk

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