My Corvettes

  I'm always willing to trade for or buy vettes that I don't have or need in better condition. Drop me a line if you have something I need.

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Redline Custom Loose

Redline BPs

Restored Redline Vettes Jettin Vette/Sizzler Redline Reference page
Muky Corvette
1976 Stingray Page 1

Page 2
1982 Stingray Monster Vette Vetty Funny Custom Corvette Stingray III

1953 Corvette

1998 Corvette 1997 Corvette Callaway C7 Corvette Coupe 1980's(1984) Vette
1958 Coupe 63 Split Window Page 1

Page 2
1965 Corvette 1967 Stingray Misc. (Supers , models Crayons,etc) Multipacks/Sets


1964 Pro Street 1:18 scale C5 Corvette 1:18 scale 1969 Stingray 1:18 scale Micro Corvettes 2011 Grandsport

Corvette Stingray Concept (03FE)

Corvette Base Variation Page

1953 Pro Modified 1/18 scale


C6 1:18 scale

Mebetoys Astro II Vette

1996 Corvette
Corvette Slot cars
-not just Hot Wheels
Tooned and Drop Tops 63 split window

Tooned & Fatbax C6

69 Stingray ZL1

1964 Vette


100% C6 castings

1962 vette

C6 vert

Stingray Concept
Transformers Sideswipe

1980 Stingray

2012 Z06

76 Greenwood Corvette

55 Corvette


1967 Pro Street

New Corvette Additions
Red Muky
Purple Muky
Orange Muky
Orange blank base Muky
Spectraflame yellow muky grand prix
spectraflame green muky
lighter grey muky
Redline Wallpaper
alt bp split black gyg
Mcdonalds happy meal sign
preproduction grey maroon stripe split
preproduction black flames split
Prototype zamac monster vette with and without text
unriveted yellow monster vette body
2012 Master Set Vettes
Maroon multipack 65 vette
Soul 65 vette
black 65 vette
proto pow wow 65 vette
unriveted lime green 65 vette
prototype green greenwood vette
yellow greenwood vette
Teal prototype vetty funny body
Metalflake silver vetty funny in baggie
International bp garage plates 80s vette
Green 80's vette
A Team 80's vette
purple 80's vette with FTE
unriveted black 80's vette with and without pink stripe
blue 7-up super 80's vette
Blue grandsport
Blue grandsport with open wheels
Blue grandsport with open front wheel
Silver Grandsport
Prototype Grandsport Super TH
red ribbon stingray BW with white alternate tampo
Orange 80 stingray
US stingray Mcdonalds promo pin
4th error stingray patch
German Hot ones stingray poster
Iron on stingray transfer
2013 Indy RAOK stingrays
Mattel Color Changes Ad
70's stingray
brown color change auto magic bp
60th anniv stingray dark and light green
Color Changers Store display
Marroon 80 stingray dark and light
Grunge 97 vette
yellow 97 happy meal bag
blue 62 vette
open front wheel blue 62 vette
Super TH 62 vette
error 69 copo
preproduction 69 copo Toy fair
error Sports Custom with reversed wheels
prototype 03FE stingray
purple 03 FE stingray
green 03 FE stingray
green 03 FE stingray FTE wheels
prototype holiday 58 vette
60th anniv 58 vette
blue 64 vette
zamac 64 vette
nontampo zamac 64 vette
unriveted zamac 64 vette
2014 C7
Toy Fair C7
Boulevard C6R
preproduction red C6
Decide your ride C6
Green C6
60th anniv C6 vert
yellow Z06
Red Z06 with errors
Unriveted black Z06
Unriveted red Z06
Yellow 60th 11' Grandsport
yellow 60th 11' grandsport with zr1 base
Teal 11'grandsport
Teal 11' grandsport all large wheels
unriveted red Zr1
unriveted zamac super Zr1 TH
dark and light window Kday stingray concept
blue  HW garage unriveted stingray concept
69 stingray HW  poster
60's 69 stingray
yellow 69 stingray
green Kday 69 stingray
FEP kday 69 stingray
60th anniv 55 vette
Western Michigan green split club car
Flying Customs Vetty Funny
50's vette slot car on misc page
single 57 vette marble award on sets page
Mattel Billionth edition ad
60thanniv store display
1/18 scale C6 HW magazine ad

Redline brown with white interior and brown interior bp
HK red redline bp
HK green long steering wheel gleem bp
red 55 boulevard
white 55 boulevard
2012 Holiday 58 vette
error gold chicago split window
Flying Customs 69 Copo
Unriveted gold 69 Copo
USA machines 6 pack with orange ribbon stingray
white leo stingray bp
2 error stingray patches
alternate international orange stingray bp
80's park n plate-international bp and plate variations
black 80's vette w/black interior red bag
purple 80's vette 2013 60th anniv vette
white custom corvette with pink cal custom interior and windshield
Red ZR1 2013 60th anniv vette
Red ZR1 missing hood vent
Tinted windshield super ZR1
Clear windshield super ZR1
Super ZR1 2013 Factory bp
2013 Mystery 65 vette
Kmart stingray concept
orange stingray concept with no headlights
black stingray concept with double orange wheels
error Kmart stingray concept
Red 64 vette 60th anniv
case of billionth vettes to misc page

light blue and orange background stingray hot ones patchs
alt bp orange stingra
metalflake white street beast stingray prototype
white stingray prototype
prototype stingray III Treasure Hunt
Prototype spy print Custom Corvettes with hand applied tampos
Micro Custom Corvette with Mattel book picture
2012 Corvette 5 pack
Gold Multipack 69 copo
James Garner Road Racer 69 COP0
error 63 split Vette series
Error 63 split Larrys garage
Hot Ones 63 split
FEP Stingray Boulvard concept
2013 Stingray concept with shade and window tint variations
dark rear/light front end mystery 69 vette
error 65 vettes
76 Greenwood Corvette
76 Greenwood Corvette Road Race

2013 Super Treasure Hunt Zr1

TRU yellow C6 GS with Z06 body
japan bp gold 80's vette and mixed signals 80's vette
alternate roof tampo orange stingray gold basics
5th stingray patch
Z06 with grandsport body
error grandsports x2
unriveted police 65 vette
japan black 97 vette bp
blue 63 split MC5 wheels
60's teen gift pack 63 split

error silver C6
Toys R Us yellow C6 grandsport
Hot Wheels shirt showing RLC split window
white 10 pack SR2 with black interior
Black 2012 Z06 first edition

Micro Mini Color Racers Custom Corvette
finnish bp stingray
error stingray patch
error gleat team stingray bp
Police 65 vette 2012
short bp race team 69 vette
dark vs light stripe mystery 69 vette

red muky black hood super veloz base
redline blue HK long steering wheel bp
MMSB 63 split package
International bp gold gyg split
Sticker sheet black gyg split
White Roanoke Fire Dept 2011 GS
International bp metalflak silver 80's vette
Hot ones 80's vette with error
Flying Colors stingray sticker patch
golden Machines 6 pack
Kellogs stingray mail in box
McDonalds stingray instruction sheet
Gold gleam team stingray bp
Billionth Edition Employee Set
My VIP 58 vettes set from 2012 Dearborn Lunch bash
Target Team Hot wheels bp 69 stingray
prototype 1:18 scale C5 tampo sheet

1995 mattel store display book with resin 58 picture
Wild Weekend 58 poster
1975 and 1976 Flying Color Stingray Hot Wheels Center store display signs
Vetty Funny Hot ones
Vetty Funny Patch card
2012 Code Cars C6
2012 Code Cars C6 error
Patch Card bp red ribbon and yellow ribbon stingrays
Alt package white race 35 stingray
Stingray Crayon coloring set
Pic showing green tint vs yellow black split window tampo
Black stingray concept with red and pink windows
Stingray concept boulevard
Easter 64
Decades Zr 1 with 3 base variations
blue flamed 97 unriveted
heat fleet 97 gift pack
2012 69 vette mystery car
HW main street 2011 Grandsport

white tampo outline tampo variation decades 62 vette
2012 69 Treasure Hunt
1992 Car case with vette on box in misc section

International 97 bp
white copo interior variation
gleem package purple and rose redline vettes

2011 Factory set monster vette

International bp color changer 80 stingray cop
short bp blue 11 grandsport
2011 Factory Set bps
short bp black xtreme split window
blue street beast split short bp
Blue C6 police dark and regular blue
International American Turbo 5 pack C6 vert
Grand Prix Regal Muky vette
stingray concept FTE2 short bp

2011 Grandsport prototype
2011 Convention 97 nickel, gold, purple, red, blue, black vette
Hot Ones Stingray mail in jacket
Toy Fair banner Cal customs with 80's vette,
Toy Fair Micro Hot Wheels banner with 80's vette and stingray
Split window belt display with belts
prototype paint samples 80's vette zamac, red, orange, yellow, white
Silver split window Belt with car buckle
blue split window spined roof vs smooth roof
loose sp3 race team split
bp sp5 dealers choice split
prototype blue stingray flashlight body
red paint sample body stingray
zamac unriveted body stingray
Stingray Crayon display
blue 65 vette 10 pack
prototype zamac 65 vette text base
Custom Corvette sports car sp3
Red drop tops split window regular and all small wheels
blue 2011 grandsport all small wheels
blue 69 copo
red 80s vette in 5 pack

MMSB 30 years split window

lavender muky
silver w/blue windshield muky
gold unriveted preproduction redline vette
red Toys R US 63 split
Blue 63 split street beasts
small front wheel blue 97 vette
Gold Wheels Motor City Black 97 vette club car
Red FTE and FTE2 stingray concept
HW Garage blue stingray concept
error red ZR1
error yellow 2011 grandsport,
blue 2011 grandsport
Blue C6R Hot Wheels Garage
60's Decades pink 62 vette
Dale Jr C7 Callaway
1967 Prostreet design plans
Sample tampos of 100% 67, 53, 82, 98 vettes
4 car employee pewter set on sets page

HW Garage Stingray concept (03FE) with and without headrest
Master Set bp blue monster vette
Long and short bp yellow monster vette
White copo bps
Black Copo bps-regular and Walmart exlusive
Mechanix 63 split window prototype zamac-2versions
Mechanix 63 split window resin prototype
Yellow Street Beasts 63 split window
MC5 wheel variation 63 split window Street Beasts
Large Rear wheel black 63 split
Resin prototype 63 split window version #2
German display sign with grey split window on it
Grandsport Treasure Hunt regular and super
Master Set 2010 grandsports
Decades vetty funny
White Vetty funny in baggie
Master set 2010 callaway
painted and unpainted taillight yellow Callaway
Master set 62 Kmart
Pink Muky
Green 10 pack 65 vette
Orange 10 pack 65 vette
Stingray trading card
Pink stingray patch
White #35 stingray prototype #2
Red 80's vette prototype
Decades 80's vette
Mechanix 80s vette prototype version #2
Blue heat fleet 97 vette with variations and error
White Garage stingray concept
Master set 10 stingray concepts
Error white Custom vette #200
Police C6
Master set C6 vert blue
purple C6 vert gift pack
Target Valentines 64 vette
2011 FE Grandsport

White Leo Stingray
Black Leo Stingray
Hot Ones patch blue background
Mcdonalds promo sign with East and West coast sides showing stingray/split window
Green Tooned 63 split
Canadian 3 pack with 63 split gyg and Vetty Funny
Alt Bp 63 split gold gyw
Alt bp 63 split black gyg
Prototype Hex Ray 63 split G Machine
FEP Snap On tools split window
Prototype Grey Xtreme 63 split
Walmart and Target Vetty Funny christmas
Open 5 spoke rear wheel yellow mongoose vetty funny
dull grey wheel yellow mongoose vetty funny
short bp maroon grandsport
Maroon grandsport silver FTE
Kmart grandsport with base variations
Kmart grandsport with silver FTE
mini candy prize grandsport
Bright green redline US bp
HK gold champagne interior redline
yellow plastic muky with yellow stripe
decaled gray muky
red plastic muky with dark blue stripe
Zamac 58 vette w/blank base for classics line
Happy Birthday 58 vette
Blue gold FTE C6 vert
Blue silver FTE C6 vert
orange C6 vert short bp
Prototype white 100th anniv coupe
Summer smash charity auction make a wish C6 1/1
short bp monster vette
International bp speed machines yellow C6R
hood vent variations mystery C6 ZR1
Prototype Mechanix 80's vette
Blue Callaway C7
Yellow Callaway C7
2011 blue 69 COPO
Blue COPO error
Blue COPO w/white interior
Toy Fair COPO
Heat Fleet 97 vette
2010 California Convention x13 62 vettes
Pewter Employee vette set version #2

4th July Corvette stingray concept
4th July corvette stingray concept no head rest
HW Newsletter original drawing Poppa Vette
Prototype Micro Vetty Funny
Mailin HW case with vetty funny
Yellow Mongoose Vetty Funny closed wheel
Redline aqua vette with long steering wheel
HW Newsletter redline custom vette drawing
Red C6R Speed Machines
Proto Pow Wow ZR1
Green FTE ZR1 short bp
2010 Mystery Zr1
2010 Proto Pow Wow C6 vert
2010 Nationals BTTT RAOK C6 vert
Gold GYW large rear wheel 63 split
2010 Nationals Franklw RAOK 63 split
2010 Orlando UNO 63 split
2010 Proto Pow Wow Grandsport
gold FTE maroon Grandsport
Chrome FTE maroon Grandsport
HW Newsletter drawing 80's vette
Prototype Flat out 80s vette -orange
Prototype Flat out 80's vette- white
2010 Proto Pow Wow 80's vette
Kool Aid Counter display Custom Vette
Prototype Zamac Custom Vette
Original Artwork Newsletter Custom Vette
Super Chromes Stingray 2 pack
International Stingray patch in 3 pack
Hot ones Stingray cups
Case of Power Command 1980 stingray
2010 Nationals Bussman's RAOK set with chase pieces
Light Blue stingray concept-light windows and dark windows
Corvette Z06 model kit misc page

63 split black gyw large rear wheel bp
63 split black gyg large rear wheel bp
Green and white 97 Target Easter cars
Yellow Wal mart easter car
Prototype cream 69 stingray 1:18 scale
Yellow FTE grandsport
Kmart Mail In 62 vette
Alt grey stingray prototype with redlines
Code 3 tattoo machines stingray
1982 stingray kids shoelace
Clover Cars C6

-gloss vs enamel BW flying colors stingray
-aqua vs blue interior in white #35 stingraay
-bronze wing power command 80 stingray
-Power Command 80 stingray set
-prototype Drop tops 63 split with sp5 and with PR5
-error 63 split allstars
-snowflake bp green zr1
-chrome FTE green zr1
-prototype C6 with green front PR5 and bluee back PR5
-Speed Machines Jake C6R
-short bp stingray concept
-yellow stingray concept
-yellow grandsport
-chase blue 62 classics
-Valentines day 69 ZL1
-prototype Stingray concept (03 FE)
-resin 58
-Employee Pewter Set under sets

Nationals split windows
-magenta with rear tampo
-light blue white wall chrome base
-light blue 5 spoke
-light blue basic wheels
-silver blue
-light green
-light blue
-light purple

Green ZR1
Blue Classics 62
Zap N Go prototype Stingrays--on Micro Page

Black Larry's garage 63 split
Red Larry's garage 63 split
short bp purple 63 split allstars
TRU Larry's Garage 63 split
80's kid's belt with grey 63 split
short bp silver grandsport
mystery grandsport
Long and short bp Racing blue C6R
Racing yellow C6R
Connect Cars 65 vette
2010 mystery 65 vette
Photo Finish Vetty Funny set
USA-1 Vetty Funny
Orange and black muky
Connect Car 64 vette
Resin proto 67 Pro Street
light and dark blue 69 dream garage
Copper silver FTE Zr1
Copper gold FTE Zr1
Orange Color  Changers stingray
Cop Color Changers stingray
yellow stingray crayon-on misc page
Military Rods 80's vette
Fire Rods 80's vette
2005 Indy club christmas car silver c6
Connect Cars C6
Yellow C6 remote control--on misc page
2004 Pride Rides Stingray concept master set with painted base
Chrome standard and chase Classics 62 vette
Walmart Classics pink 62 vette
2009 LA convention charity 62 vette
Prototype C6 vert
Blue C6 vert
Orange C6 vert
2010 Stingray Concept
5 different Red Wild Weekend 58 vettes
Black Wild Weekend 58 vette
Wild Weekend Esheets,poster,box
Wild Weekend Pizza Paddle w/Larry Wood 58 drawing and autograph

International Superchromes stingray redline bp
Alt Grey ribbon stingray bp #2

Enamel Blue Redline vette proto
Vetty Funny Blue prints and slides of wooden mockups, order sheet for model
3:1 resin mockup of 58 vette
white prototype 58 vette to match  3:1 mockup
Resin Blue Hills 58 vette
Color Comp Zr1s
Reston BTTT silver Zr1 RAOK
Painted Resin Callaway C7
unriveted silver Callaway C7
Order sheet for 80's vette with additional design sheet
2007 California Convention zamac proto party 80's vette
Tampo variation of international Turbo Trax 80's vette
Painted Prototype Resin 97 vette
Black G Machine 63 split in 3 pack
Orange Larry's Garage 63 split
Black Larry's Garage 63 split
Shark Bite gift pack stingray
German Hot Ones stingray sticker
Resin prototype Monster Jam 53 vette body
Clear windshield Custom Corvette yellow gift pack

Larry's Garage 63 split
2008 Master Set split windows, ZR1, grandsports
New pictures of #447 split window chrome and grey base
Sawblades #447 split window
short bp red zr1
Cop Rods 80's vette
Dragstrip Demons Vetty Funny
Dream Garage 69 Zl1

Purple Allstars 63 split
light silver 97 baggie vette

Yellow Since 68 split
Blue Larry's Garage split
Possible Larry's garage split proto
Proto Hot Ones stingray BP
Shark bite stingray
Christmas Blue and silver 69 stingrays
Prototype Tattoo Monster Vette
Short bp black grandsport with grey and chrome base
Silver Grandsport
short bp blue Zr1
Silver Zr1
Silver and black  muky
Proto 65 vette from Vic Selotti collection
Silver C6 Remote control
Prototype 1/18 C5 red
Silver 97 Ultimate Hot Rod Racing set
Gray 97 Ultimate Hot Rod Racing set

White and blue allstars Split window in short bp and 3 packs
blue grandsport short bp and 3 pack
Red ZR1
Yellow ZR1
Rewards Custom Vette
Mexico color change stingray 2 pack

Green 100% 67 vette
White Mechanix 80s coupe

Macau Vetty Funny
Make A wish C6 bp
blue G Machines 63 split

Blue C6 ZR1
Mystery C6R with base variation
GM gift pack C6
Father's day 63 split
Since 68 split
Proto screw base tooned 63
silver chicago Nationals staff split
Black Grandsport with base variations
Fourth of July SR2
3 zamac proto 69 stingrays
yellow plastic muky with blue stripe
Mystery Callaway

Dark purple chicago Nationals staff split

Magenta Chicago Nationals staff split
Lite blue Chicago Nationals staff split
Ice blue Redline bp

dark vs light blue C6 GM 100th anniv 5 pack

zamac unriveted stingray body
Shrinky  Dinks flying colors stingray
Corvettes @Carlisle stingray
Gold Easter Stingray
Prototype gold stingray with plastic base
GM 5 pack C6
Yellow G machine 63 split
Since 68 split
Japan drop tops 63 split
BTTT chicago split
Corvettes @Carlisle 97 vette
no tampo silver Bloomington gold 65 vette
prototype red 64 vette
Dark and light orange classics 69 stingray
prototype racing vette-placed on misc page
Red plastic muky with dark blue tampo and black hood
Pale gray muky
Yellow muky box

Red, white, blue Chicago Nationals Bingo split
Orange Chicago Nationals Poker split
Gold Chicago Nationals split
Pink chicago Nationals split
Purple Chicago Nationals split
Prototype zamac custom corvette RLC

Prototype 1/18 scale C5
Red Grandsport Y5 wheels

Black SR2 10pack
Yellow SR2 10pack
White SR2 10 pack
Prototype gold stingray
Flying Colors Stingray kids Tshirt
Grey ribbon Stingray bp
White color changers stingray bp
purple color changers stingray bp
metallic blue color changers stingray bp
red color changers stingray bp
blue color changers stingray bp
Gateway HW club stingray membership car
Preproduction Targer Super chrome stingray
Silver 08 Easter Stingray
Light blue 08 Easter stingray
Prototype 65 vette-zamac sp5
preproduction Tooned C6
Preproduction Great 8's DSOM C6
Indy HW club christmas C6
Valentines C6R
2007 Master set C6R TH
White 64 stingray in Tin
Prototype zamac 67 stingray
Chrome Classics 69 stingray
69 Stingray Mystery car
ASW pink 58 sp5 bp
Mystery 58 car
prototype Larry Woods 58 vette
2007 Master Set 58 engine revealers
1999 Corvette Expo 97 vette
Prototype zamac unriveted 80's vette
80's vette HW wrapping paper
Beast Bash 80's vette gift pack
Silver Muky vette
Green HK vette redline bp
Track Aces Stingray III with ho5
Green 63 split window G machine
Red Remote Control C6
Maroon Remote Control C6
C6 vert HW Model
63 vert HW model

Prototype charcoal split window real rider
Gold GYW split window in US bp
Blue all stars split window
Prototype real rider stingray

Eastern Maine red and yellow C6
FEP Bullrun C6 set
Prototype Great 8's silver C6 body
Clear window C6 TH
Silver rim C6 TH
C6 yellow Mystery car
Make A Wish C6
1/18 scale yellow Z06
1/18 scale dayton sunset orange C6
Toys R US TH C6R with promo lit
C6R gift car
Prototype blank base 65 vette
no tampo white 65 vette
Gift cars 65 vette
Large rear wheel black GYW split window
Error black GYG split window
Green unriveted body prototype split window
White 2007 Allstars split window
Black G Machines split window
White G Machines split window
McDonalds split window Happy Meal box
Creamy pink redline bp
HK Orange redline bp
Prototype bionic power stingray
Target Super Chrome stingray
40th Anniv stingray
Orange flying customs stingray
Red Classics 69 vette
Ice Blue Classics 69 vette
Silver Ultra hots 58 vette
FEP purple 58 vettes
Zamac prototype 58 vette
short bp engine revealers 58 vette
No tampo white 80's vette
Prototype Resin "Flat Out" 80's vette
2 pack Super HW green 80's vette
Jumpbuster Track set with monster vette on it
Mystery Stingray with sp5 and 10 spokes
Revell Hot Wheels Model of C5 vette
Since 68- 1964 vette
International Micro Color Racer bps x4

All 3 color variations of C6R

Prototype Bloomington gold silver and white 65 vettes
Prototype white 65 vette
short bp bone blazers 65 vette
Easter 65 vette
Upgraded Dark Blue Jettin Vette
Prototype RLC Custom Corvette
Prototype Blue Cal Custom Corvette w/blue interior
Prototype Zamac C6
Prototype Red C6
Prototype Blue Tooned C6 w/black base
Prototype silver C6
2007 Regular C6R Treasure Hunt long and short bp
Red bp C6R
Short bp silver C6R
Prototype Stingray concept
International bp red classics 58
Engine revealers 58
Orange 1/18 scale 69 stingray
1/25 Black Bloomington Gold 97
1/25 Bloomington Gold Red 97
Motor city Hot Wheelers 2001 Club Car 97
Color changers 63 split window bp w/sponge
Zamac prototype 63 split window
Red G Machine 63 split
Prototype stingray bodies x6
Prototype stingray color changer in maroon and brown
Gold Museum stingray
prototype Ocean blasters stingray
Prototype black stingray with flames
brown color changer stingray
Alt Grey stingray with alternate color stripes
Prototype pink stingray cereal car with yellow stripe
McDonalds Promo placemat with stingray on it
prototype yellow 69 stingray ZL1
prototyep 68 stingray ZL1 from proto pow wow
antifreeze classics 69 stingray ZL1 in US and international bp

Super Treasure Hunt C6R long and short bp
redline bone blazers 65 vette bp
Preproduction Wild Weekend 58 vette bp
Orange ribbon stingray bp
Loose sp5 sports series custom corvette
Master Set Gold, yellow, and red 69 stingray ZL1 bps

Orange Muky vette
Prototype black 80's vette

63 Split G Machine Blue
63 Split G Machine  Silver
Prototype 63 split RLC with unpainted tail light
Prototype 63 split RLC unriveted body
Prototype zamac 63 split hiraker
prototype 63 split silver hiraker
Large rear wheel hi-raker splits
-black gyg
Canadian flag bp gold gyw
Black bw split prototype with transition base
Error black bw w/flames split
Alternate pink Cal Custom split
Silver Cal Custom split
Dealer's choice split with 5 spokes
Alternate green color changer split
Blue Color changer split
5 spoke Corvette Series split
Error Hippie Series split
Error Altanta Convention split
Prototype zamac 97 with real riders
Master Set C6 Treasure Hunt
Short bp Y5 C6R silver
Texas Regionals Trophy winner C6
Redlines Bone Blazer 65 vette in 10 pack
Flying colors Stingray Track set
Unriveted zamac stingray
Enamel Blue stingray color changers
Metallic blue stingray color changers
Error orange cereal stingray
Cal Custom Vetty Funny all 3 blue colors loose
Design plans for 80's Corvette
Design plans for Sizzler's 4 rotor corvette- on Revver's page
Red 97 vette with sp3
Unriveted Zamac 97 vette w/blank base
2001 Motor  City club car 97 vette
Resin 53 vette prototype
Resin 67 prototype
zamac prototype 67 funny car
white prototype 67 funny car
resin prototype pink 58 with white walls
Classics light blue 58
Unriveted silver ultra hots 58
Corvette Series 63 split prototype
Bone blazers 65 vette with sp5 and Y5 wheels
Gold Classics 65 vette
Error Custom Corvette spy print series
Resin prototype 82 stingray
holiday stingray
preproduction flying colors stingray with screw on base
French hot wheels ad x2 with stingrays
prototype hand painted stingray in Hot Ones prototype 3 pack with prototype vette pins
Orange color racers 3 pack
Gold stingray ZL1 with blue windshield in 10 pack
Corvette gift pack with SR2 error
2006 Mattel C6 Code 2 show car
C6 Mystery car
C6 Treasure Hunt short and long bp
C6R silver with 10 spoke and Y5 wheels
C6R Treasure Hunt prototypes
C6 Treasure Hunt prototype with PR5 wheels

Unriveted Mystery Car C6
Unriveted Zamac C6
short bp white C6
Error silver C6R
Kmart blue C6 with clear and dark tinted windshields
short bp yellow C6Rs with silver and gold FTE
Error Tooned C6
Silver Metalflake Vetty Funny Prototype
Prototype Pink Monster Vette unriveted
No picture Flying Colors #14 Stingray Japan box
Prototype yellow stingray gold hot ones
Cream color changer stingray bp
prototype unriveted blue stingray
Prototype yellow singray with screw base
Short bp bone blazers 65 vette
grey 58 Ultrahots
International blue 58 classics
2006 Indy Club cars red, blue, and black 97 vettes
2006 Corvette Gift pack
Gold 69 stingray short bp

Preproduction C6 Treasure Hunt
Preproduction Kmart day C6
Preproduction Zamac C6R
Preproduction orange bullrun C6
Error C6 yellow
Prototype 63 split window from 25th anniv gift  pack
Flying Customs stingray green and chrome
Red Classics 58 vette
Tan color changer stingray 3 pack
Error 97 vette from corvette series

Yes after a prolonged absence for a computer hard drive crash and summer....we are back up and running
1/12 scale silver coupe C6
1/12 scale silver convertible C6
Unriveted Victory Lane Callaway C7
Prototype Cal Custom Blue Custom Corvette x2
Prototype Cal Custom Orange Custom Corvette x2
Prototype white vetty funny
Prototype vetty funny Cal Custom
Prototype Yellow 80's with flames
Prototype Maroon 80's
Prototype Yellow 80's
Prototype Black 80's T-top glass
Prototype SR2
Prototype yellow 97 vette
Big Blocks gift pack with tooned 63 split
Classics yellow 58 vete
Classics yellow 58 vette w/painted engine
Gold Staff Wild Weekend 58 vette
Black Staff Wild Weekend 58 vette
Road Maniax 58 vette
Classic's blue 65 vette
International classics orange 65 bp
Bone Blazers 65 vette
Hand Carved Resin Stingray
Hand Painted flying colors stingray resin
Test tampo flying colors stingray resin
Prototype metalflake gold flying colors stingray
Prototype metalflake maroon flying colors stingray
Prototype Pink Kellogs cereal stingray
No Museum stingray
blue color changer stingray
International classics blue stingray
light Golden Machines stingray
loose white stingray w/UH
Canadian McDonald's Hot Wheels pin with stingray
French 80's stingray T-shirt Iron-on
Prototype Black stingray
Resin Grey 63 Split Window protoype
Sto N Go set with light blue 63 split sp7
Loose RLC 63 split
2006 Atlanta 63 split window with autograph of tampo designer
Prototype RLC 63 split on Employee holiday bp
Prototype unriveted zamac real rider 63 split
Preproduction McDonalds black 63 split
Prototype black 63 split with black pro circuit wheels
Gold 63 split real rider with large rear wheels
International Purple Classics 63 split bp
Kmart white 69 w/FTE wheels blue and smoked windshields
Kmart white 69 w/PR5 wheels blue and smoked windshields
Kmart white 69 PR5 in 10 car gift pack
Kmart day poster
Red 69
Gold 69
Error gold 69
Prototype blue 69
Prototype zamac C6 100% line
Prototype brown C6 100%line
yellow C6R w/FTE and gold FTE
Silver C6R
White C6
Error white C6
Reds C6

RLC Selections 65 vette
Classics 1/18 scale Antifreeze 69
Classics 1/18 scale Magenta 69
Classics 1/18 scale Aqua 69
Red 69 Stingray bp and short bp
69 Stingray prototype with barbie colored text base
12 different preproduction/prototype 69 stingrays
Purple Custom Corvette with Gray interior w/UH
Purple Custom Corvette with Gray interior w/lace wheels
Blue Custom Corvette Revealers with clear windshield
Silver Custom Corvette with gray interior bp
Purple Stingray III w/sp3
Purple Stingray III prototype
Pearl Purple 58 vette w/sp5
Blue Classics 58 vette
White prototype 58 vette
Prototype Lime Color Changer 63 split
Prototype xray series 63 split
Prototype Green 63 split
Malaysia gold 63 split real riders with 2 base variations
International Olive Classics 63 split bp
Green 63 split #447 with JCPenny 63 split base
Corvette Central 63 split prototype w/sp3
Black prototype 67 with black dashboard, blank base
Alternate blue 67 prototype
Unriveted prototype 67 wild with tampos
Unriveted prototype 67 wild without tampos
Bright yellow 53 prototype
Bright blue 53 prototype
Black unriveted stingray body
White 98 vette prototype
NY Mets 97 prototype
12 different preproduction/prototypes C6s

Callaway C7 Xtreme speed short bp
Callaway C7 first edition short bp

Pink 58 vette w/5 spokes
Yellow Custom with clear windshield and 5 spokes

International Turbo Trax 80's vette
Orange Classics 65 with basic 5 spokes
Blue 65 vette short bp and master set bp
Error Tooned C6
Prototype Green Tooned C6
Bullrun orange C6 bp
Yellow C6 master set bp
Kalifornia Kustom 67 vette
Color variation shot of orange and blue classics stingrays
Black Stingray crayon
Japan box for chrome stingray
Purple Stingray color changer
Primered and unpainted resin 69 stingray ZL1 prototypes
Ultra hots 58 vette
Resin with and without engine Tooned 63 split prototypes
Drop Tops 63 split master set bp
Zamac Tooned 63 split prototype

Classics Green 58 vette
Classics Pink 58 vette
Short bp 58 Treasure Hunt with redlines and blackwall realriders
Prototype 69 stingray with chrome base
69 stingray with FTE wheels
69 stingray with PR5
Maroon 69 stingray
Prototype yellow stingray with pink flames
Prototype yellow monster vette with pink flames

Classics Blue stingray
Classics red stingray international bp
Prototype 65 vette w/blank base
Classics Aqua 65 vette w/clear and white interiors
Classics Orange 65 vette
Blue 65 vette
FTE yellow C6
Orange #21 bullrun C6
Resin C6 prototype
Painted Resin C6 prototype
Kmart Silver C6
Resin SR2 prototype
Painted Resin SR2 prototype
Unriveted 80's prototype with orange bag
Unriveted 80's prototype with red bag
Kmart 63 split window w/5 spoke real riders
Kmart 63 split window w/ deep real riders
Black 63 split window prototype
Redline vette resin prototype
Redline vette resin mold prototype
Loose APEC 97 vette
Dual Cool gift pack with purple deora
Dual Cool gift pack with flamed 97 vette
Drop top 63 split error
Resin slot prototype

Yellow Prototype Fatbax C6
Yellow C6
Olive Classics stingray
Macau bp split window

C6 Red 1/12 scale coupe
C6 Red 1/12 scale convertible
Mongoose Vetty Funny Racer Gift pack
Getty Banner with 63 split window
Classics 63 split window olive
Classics 63 split window dark purple
Classics 63 split window light purple
Larry Wood drawing for Classics 63 split window
Classics 63 split window red
Prototype yellow 67 stingray
Bullrun C6 in red, orange, silver, gold, blue, black
Prototype yellow 80's coupe
Prototype 69 Stingray ZL1 x2
Orange stingray crayon bp
RLC Pink Custom Corvette
Classics Stingray red
1/12 scale C6 black convertible and coupe
1/12 scale C6 blue convertible and coupe

2005 58 Vette Treasure Hunt w/redlines
2005 58 Vette Treasure Hunt w/blackwalls
Zamac unriveted 63 split window
1/18 scale silver/blue 69 Stingray
Green Stingray Crayon
Short bp of red C6, Drop Tops 63 split window, Tooned 63 split window
Green Classics Stingray
Green Classics Stingray error
Purple Classics Stingray
Red Classics Split window error
Red Muky
Play D-oh Stingray set to misc page
Canadian Stingray 3 pack
Super SportsCars 5 pack w/ and w/o ZL1 Custom vette variation
80's vette in Stocking Stuffer pack
Tooned C6 Makulli 4 line PR5 wheels and sp5
Tooned C6 missing Makulli Racing tampo
Cal Custom Freeway Frenzy Set w/ 63 split error
Classics Antifreeze 63 split w/base variations
Classics Blue 63 split window
Classics Orange Stingray
Alternate tampo Flying Colors Red Stingray
Micro Park N Plates Stingray
Duel Cool 97 Vette gift pack
Alternate box 1/18 C6 red convertible
Mexico Quaker State pr5 58 vette
Loose White PP TH 58 vette
Super Hot Wheels Blue 80's T-top vette
Avon Mini Custom Vette key chains in red, black, and blue

1998 Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation 97 Vette
Chrome unriveted 63 split window prototype
1/18 White C6

Mexico Quaker State Wastelanders 58 Vette w/3 spokes
Mexico Quaker State Flamin HWs Callaway C7
Mexico Quaker State Red 65

Mexico Quaker State Blue Sr2
Tooned C6 error

Master Set C6
Master Set Tooned C6
Tooned C6 w/black #5
FAO Schwarz Black C6
FAO Schwarz Hugger Orange C6
FAO Schwarz Certificate for C6s
Painted Tail-light Fatbax C6
Track Aces Stingray III w/3 spokes
Track Aces Stingray III w/PR5
Master Set Track Aces Stingray III
Master Set Pride Rides 97 vette
Master Set Star Spangled 63 split
Master Set Tooned 63 split

Tooned 63 split
Drop tops 63 split
Loose 63 split window Treasure hunt
Red Stingray Crayon

Tooned C6 w/3names
Blue Stingray Crayon
Zamac Tooned 63 split window
Haulin Heat 53 vette loose
Callaway Extreme Speed 5 spokes
Short bp Pride rides 97 vette
updated the Corvette 4 sale/trade page

Prototype Corvette Central 63 split window
Ocean Blasters Stingray
Prototype Ocean Blasters Stingray III
Prototype Sport Stars Stingray III

Target Larry Woods 58 Vette
Tooned C6 w/4 names
Leo grey custom vette bp
Red color changer 63 split bp
Red Automagic III stingray bp
Great 8's Maroon C6
Great 8's Silver C6
Error Pride Rides 97 vette
Error C6 FE
Rev N Go Sting 53 Vette
Green Super HW 80's vette w/black interior
Short bp Fatbax C6
2000 Toy Inventors C5 1/18 scale vette

Cybory Assualt Stingray
Red Stingray flashlight
Purple stingray crayon
Orange Tampo Callaway first edition
Pride Rides 97 vette
C6 First Edition
International, regular issue, and column set for Turbo Trax Racing set
Blue Super 80's vette with tan interior
Prototype Hot Ones orange stingray bp
C6 prototype First edition
Bowling Green C6
Fatbax C6
Loose white tampo vetty funny
2004 Bloomington Gold 97 Vette
2004 Bloomington Gold 80's vette
HWC 63 Split window
Pop n play maroon custom corvette
White stingray w/uh gift pack #2
Chrome stingray bp #2
No head rest malaysia pride rides stingray
Dark green 97 vette first edition loose
Loose Teal 97 vette
Loose father/son custom corvette
Loose Gold 63 split with gyw real riders
Flying colors redline stingray bp
Redline Custom vette drawing stencil- on misc page
C6 Cool Collectible 2 car set
European World Race 35 split window and stingray concept
European short bp-Star spangled split window, black flame stingray, pride rides stingray concept, wastelanders 58 vette, blue sr2
International bp for flag flyers 97 vette, blue 58 vette, tropicool custom vette
Dark blue Jettin Vette
1/18 scale C6 convertible in black, silver, red
1/18 scale C6 coupe in blue
1/18 scale blue 1953 pro modified
Updated 4 sale page
Star Spangled 63 split window
1988 GTP Racing Corvette- on misc page
China version Pride Rides Stingray
Redline Bps page
Champagne interior blue HK redline bp
Red US redline bp #2
Fla-Vor-Ice 58 Vette
1992 Convention Stingray-Stingray page 1
Stingray Canadian McDonald's Display-Stingray page 1
Jettin Vette Blueprint plans
Red C6 1/18 scale
Silver C6 1/18 scale

Purple Monster Vette w/CT wheels
Spectraflame red 1957 Hobby Edition Cool Collectible
See Through rood Red 80's Vette
Pride Rides Corvette Stingray Concept
Wipe Out Stingray Track Set
HK Green w/champagne interior redline
Added some proto Vettes on the 4 sale page
Unriveted Prototype light blue custom vette--??? Cal Custom
Unriveted Prototype spectraflame magenta 63 split--??? Cal Custom

Blue 58 vette w/clear windshield
Added 1957, 1996, C6 1:18 scale pages
1998 Bloomington Gold 97 Vette-green w/sp5
2000 Bloomington Gold 97 Vette-red w/gold lace
2000 Chevy Vettefest 97 Vette-red w/sp5
Bloomington Gold white stingray sp5
NAIAS Detroit Autoshow C6 1/18 scale
1957 Corvette Oil Can Cool Collectible
1992 National Convention 1980 vette
1992 National Convention 1963 split window vette
Red Orange Stingray Crayon on misc page
Hot Wheels sleeping bag with Orange ribbon stingray on it
50th anniv preferred 97 vette, SR2, 58 vette, and 63 split window
Prototype 80's Corvette
White 1/18 scale pro modified 1953 vette
Green HK redline w/white interior
White #450 stingray with unriveted rear end
Corvette Slot Car page


World Race 63 split window
World Race Stingray
Flying Colors Stingray Double Duel Speedway Track set
1953 Red Pro Modified Corvette 1/18 scale


Convention Zamac 97 Vette
HOF to Preferred SR2 Transition piece-HOF body with preferred wheels and interior

Color fx Stingray with basic wheels
Black wing Callaway C7 from  Flamin HW series
Snap On Tools 63 split window
Protoype crasher Corvette Coupe
Prototype 97 vette-???transition piece b/w the 97 and 98 vettes
Loose Street Beast stingray FEP
Orange  Stingray Crayon
Tiki Blasters Stingray
Houston Astros 65 Vette
50th Anniv preferred Sr2, 97 vette, 63 Vette, 58 Vette
Red HK redline Custom Corvette with white interior long steering wheel
Pink 58 1st edition with front sp5 and rear sp7
HOF to Preferred SR2 Transition piece- 50th anniv preferred Sr2 with rear HOF Sr2 wheels
Custom Corvette Spy Print Series FEP
Purple Modified 1/18 scale 64 pro street
Hall of  Fame 1/18 scale 64 pro street
Red Modified 1/18 scale 69 Stingray
Fantastic Sam's 63 Split Window
Wastelander's 58 vette
Production pilot gold 80's vette
Thailand base Callaway C7
Corvette Series 97 Vette w/ lace wheels
Prototype Race Team 63 Split Window
Prototype Street Beast Stingray w/blue wheels to Stingray page2
Hall of Fame SR2
Hall of Fame Callaway C7
Raptor Blast Gift pack 65 Vette
Un-riveted Corvette Series 65 Vette in bp
Yellow prototype #2 with different driver's side rear wheel
Restored Black Redline with racing decals

1/18 and 1/64 scale Hall of Fame C5 2 car set
1/18 and 1/64 scale Hall of Fame 69 stingray 2 car set
Autozone 58 Corvette
Edelbrock Hall of Fame split window

Added a Corvette Base Variation Page
Blue w/blue stripe Muky
100% 1982 Red Stingray
Loose Silver 97 vette from Target Wild Race Teams set


Avon 97 Corvette
50th anniv set with blue 94 grand sport and white 53 vette added to sets page
50th anniv set with silver 82 and red 57 vette added to sets page
1/18 scale red C5
Diet Coke Callaway C7
5 hole wheel Corvette stingray 2003 FE


short european bp 2003 FE corvette stingray
2003 FE corvette stingray no headrest variation
White 53 vette prototype with white base
Loose yellow 53 vette
Loose slate blue 53 vette
Purple Redline bp
Preproduction box Red 1/18 scale 69 stingray
Preproduction Blue 1/18 scale 69 stingray
Prototype Black 67 Cool Collectible vette w/black dashboard...
Loose yellow 67 from Hot Rod set
Loose blue 67 pro street from Cool Custom III
Loose blue 67 from 45th anniv set 2
Preproduction box black 67
Prototype red 82 stingray w/red base
Preproduction black 82 stingray in Firebird box with engine variation
Prototype 98 Silver Vette w/large slanted windshield
Loose 98 Silver vette from 45th anniv set 2
Prototype 98 silver cool collectible with large rear wheels, clear visors...
Blue 58 vette with all small 3 spoke wheels
Silver Custom Vette w/large sp3 on front and small sp3 on rear
Preproduction silver custom vette w/sp5 on one rear wheel and sp3 on 3 other wheels
50th anniv set 1 w/aqua 57 and red 96  added to sets page
Preproduction red 80s vette w/one sp7 on rear wheel and lace on 3 other wheels
100%  preferred yellow 58 vette
100% preferred red 58 vette
100%preferred silver 84 vette
100% preferred red 84 vette
1976 Flying colors stingray poster
Walmart Billionth Vette Display added to Misc page
Yellow w/orange stripe muky
Blue w/aqua stripe muky
Blue w/olive stripe muky
Sweet Rods Japan 58 vette
Custom Corvette Bonus car loose
Split Window Bonus car loose
Added a Redline Reference page
RLC Master Factory Set Corvette Series, SR2, Stingray III
Prototype Slate Blue 53 vette
Prototype white cool collectibles 67 vette
Prototype Blue 67 from 45th anniv set #2
Prototype 98 Coupe from 45th anniv set


Flamin' HW Series Callaway C7
Final Engineering prototype blue 58 vette
Prototype Red Stingray for 45th anniv set
Prototype blue 67 vette for 45th anniv set
Cool n Custom 67 vette prototype set
1 of 1 Gold ebay 64 1/18 scale vette
2 of 2 Blue ebay 64 1/18 scale vettes
Final engineering prototype black 82 stingray
Updated 4 sale page
Gray Muky
Midnight racer 97 vette
Divided Split Window in 2 pages
Black muky bp
Gold Muky
Magenta muky
Red Muky
White muky
White 53 prototype from 45th anniv set
Red 82 stingray prototype from 45th anniv set
Blue Sr2
Resin Callaway C7 #2
Green Super Hot Wheels 80's vette
Prototype racing Corvette coupe
100% 1967 vette
Race Team 63 split w/ 3 spokes
Silver stingray III from 2002 Infrared Power Express  Train set
Unriveted Red Custom Vette Redline
American Flag Stingray III
2003 FE Stingray to SR2 page
Yellow Custom Corvette w/uh and clear windshield
Loose silver custom vette w/sp3, sp5, sp7
Yellow Custom Corvette w/sp5, sp7, uh
Comparsion shot of 2 green split windows from mcdonalds
Loose green Split Windows #447
Green 97 Vette from Octoblast Gift pack
Victory Lane Callway C7
Sports Stars Callway C7
Silver Custom Vette with 7 spokes from vette gift pack
97 Vette Electric Racing Set w/viper
Yellow 98 vette cool collectible prototype
Resin prototype Callaway C7
Blue 1/18 scale 69 stingray
Blue 1/18 scale 64 Pro street
Pep Boys 1/18 scale 64 Pro Street
1980's Wooden Model casting
Advantage Auto 65 vette
Power Launcher 65 vette
Advantage Auto 1/18 scale C5
Loose 97 Barbie vette
Yellow Muky bp
Red Muky bp
Lite blue #197 split window w/7 spokes
Corvette Museum stingray w/logo and without logo
Silver India Leo Custom Corvette
European bps
-65 Treasure Hunt, 65 Corvette Series
-58 purple w/no chrome, 58 aqua w/motor, 58 Corvette Series
-80 red w/lace wheels
-97 red, 97 silver
-63 split dealer's choice
-SR-2 First Edition
Pearl Purple 58 vette w/sp7
Purple 58 vette w/ho5 short european bps
Corvette Series 97 vette w/sp3 International bp
HK olive redline w/white interior
Added and Updated Micro Corvettes page
2002 58 vette Pavement Pounder Treasure Hunt
58 Vette Corvette Series International bp
Red Muky
Blue Muky
63 Split micro park n plate variation
Pep boys 63 split w/base variation
63 split Corvette Series International bp
65 Vette Corvette Series International bp
97 Vette Corvette Series International bp
HK Blue redline w/ long steering wheel bp
Updated the Restored Redline Vette page
Updated 4sale page
Corvette Series 63 split, 65 vette, and 58 vette
European Card Vette series 97 vette and 63 split, Hippie Series 63 split, and 80's vette
Bloomington Gold Black and Blue SR2
1/18 scale silver C5
Updated the Redline page
Hot Rod Pro Mod set 67 vette
Mongoose Vetty Funny Malaysia version
Green Aqua 97 vette from Hot Wheels Train set
Corvette Series 97 vette w/5 spokes
Convention Custom Corvette
Added new pic of white stripe vetty funny
White stingray w/ultra hots in Chevy Gift pack
Double logo Sports Series Custom Vette
  Malaysia Magenta 63 split bp
Added pics of proto 98vette vs the regular issue
Added pic of transition piece seen on purple and red hauler 58 vettes
20th Anniv Chrome Monster Vette w/cts
Added a pic of the 3 loose Maroon Custom Vettes
Prototype 65 vette
Prototype 53 Cool Collectible
Silver Stingray III with sp3 in Fireball Gift pack
Silver 98 Cool Collectible prototype
Prototype Steet Beast Stingray
Prototype Dealer's Choice 63 split Window
Updated some pic of 1998, 82, 53, 67 cool collectibles
Cool Custom III set variation
Yellow Custom Vette sp7 from gift pack
Black 80's vette w/tan bag
Ultimate Police Chase set 97 Vette
Japanese BP Motorin Music 58 vette
Corvette Series 97 Vette
Olive long Steering wheel BP
World Tour 80's vette Japanese Bp
Blue Stingray Japanese BP
GM Card SR-2
US Aqua redline bp
US lime redline bp
HK aqua long steering wheel dark interior bp
Cool Custom III set w/67 vettes
French Package Orange Stingray
Prototype Color Changer Stingray
Hippie Series split window base difference
Grey Corvette Stingray III power launcher
Added 2002 FE SR-2 vette to 53 Vette page
Wal Mart Milestones 63 Split
Red 65 Vette
Updated Redline Page
Yellow Redline BP
Magenta Redline BP
Gold Redline BP
Magenta 63 Split
Yellow 63 Split Malaysia
Chrome Monster vette w/ct
Updated Stingray, Misc, Sets pages
2 Leo India Custom Vettes
Updated 63 split window
Prototype Barbie 97 vette
Wild Weekend of Hot Wheels 58 Vette
Updated 58 Vette pics
Update Prototype pics
Red Jettin Vette bp
Yellow Jettin Vette bp
Dark Blue redline
Gold HK Redline
Aqua HK redline
Purple HK redline
Red US w/white interior
Brown Hk redline w/brown interior
Green Redline with brown interior long steering wheel
97 Mets Giveaway
97 blue chicago w/no tampos
Blue 80's vette w/no hood tampo red bag
Action racer 80's vette
White tampo Mongoose vetty funny
Red 80s with sp3 and PR5s
Black 80s w/red bag
Silver Stingray III w/glow in dark interior
Updated Custom Vette page
Yellow monster vette w/cts
1964 Pro Street 1:18 scale vette
Red 97 w/sp3 in Detail Center pack
Black 97 from Auto Dealership pack
Power Launcher 97 vette
Turbo Booster w/97 vette
Bloomington Gold Grey & White 65 Vettes
Error 65 Vette FE-missing HW tampo
Gold Muky Vette
Silver Callaway w/painted headlights
Snack Time Callaway
Pre-Production 58 Vette
Medium Olive Redline Vette
Add the following to the Redline page
Ice Blue
Rose Pink
HK blue w/long steering wheel
Hk Blue
Hk red w/long steering wheel
Hk orange w/long steering wheel
Ice Blue
Lite Purple
Green w/champagne interior
Lite blue w/brown interior
Brown Hk Redline
4 Rotor Sizzler Vette
53 Vette from Haulin Heat Set
Updated 4 sale page with some vettes
Updated Astro Vette, Jettin Vette, 53 Vette pages
Black Muky with metal base and box
Updated Redline and Muky pages with new pics
4 HW Newletter Custom Corvettes
Silver 2001 #133 97 Vette
Electric Racing 97 vette
Muky Corvette 3 pack Box
Black Muky
Orange Muky
Black Stingray Flashlight on Misc Page
Blue Stingray from Chevy 5 pack
Green Stingray Prototype
Pink Stingray Prototype
Yellow and Black Muky
Lite Blue Redline Vette
Yellow monster vette w/blue windows
Pavement Pounder Treasure Hunt 58 vette
King Vette on 53 vette page
White Muky Vette
Red Redline with long steering wheel interior variation
Green Stingray flashlight on misc page
Black flame stingray
Creamy pink Redline with white interior
Green Super Hot Wheels 80's vette on misc page
Micro Classic Color Racers on sets page
Chrome Poppa Vetty Funny
Brown Custom Redline
Lime Yellow Custom Redline
Dark green 97 vette in Car dealership set
Black 97 vette in Auto Dealership set
Aqua Krackle Series split window 7 spokes
Mtlflk purple custom vette with 7 spokes
Yellow Stock Rods Stingray Flashlight on Misc page
2001 Treasure Hunt 65 Vette
White w/flames 2001 65 Vette
3 Stingray flashlights on the Misc page
1:18 Yellow C5
Orange Redline Bp
Creamy pink Custom Vette Redline
Green HK Vette Redline w/long steering wheel interior variation
Black Xtreme 63 Split window w/sawblades
Gold Custom Corvette Redline
Lite Olive Custom Corvette Redline
Yellow 97 Mcdonalds vette
58 vette from Motorin Music gift pack
Sports Car Series Custom Vette w/sp5
Antifreeze w/o pearl redline custom vette
7 spoke pizza vette
tan color changer stingray
Blue 80's vette w/red bag
Mini 4x4s set

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