Corvette Bases
I'm trying to document the base variations of all the vettes.  I will have them in the order I believe that they came out.
LMK if you have something I don't have documented.

Redline Custom Corvette  Click here

1-original base

2-Blocked "Malaysia" and "1975"

3-Block bar under "hot wheels" on base #2

4-Double block bar of base #2

5- Billionth Edition

6-Cleaned up base w/HW logo

7-Cleaned up base w/"Hot Wheels"

8-Base #7 w/"Corvette"

9-Detailed base-Malaysia


Split Window
1-original base

2-"Hong Kong" in bar

3-Malaysia base

4-Malaysia w/ Hong Kong barred out

5-Hong Kong w/Malaysia barred out

6-1 rivet cleaned up base

7-1 rivet cleaned up base Malaysia

8-1 rivet plastic

8b-larger text

9- Chrome 1 rivet

10-Billionth Ed

11-2 rivet chrome

12-2 rivet gray plastic

13-2 rivet w"63 corvette"

14-2 rivet w/"corvette stingray"

Custom Corvette
1-original base "83 Custom Corvette" on base

2-Billionth Edition base

3-No Name on base

4-"Custom Corvette" on base

1980 Vette
-billionth edition