Redline Reference page
This is my attempt to document the variations between the Hong Kong and US redline castings.  If you have a variation that I don't have listed, drop me a line.

There are many variations on colors depending on level of spray, toning, etc.  Below are the colors that I believe to be true colors for the vette for US and HK castings. These colors can be seen on my redline page.

US colors:
-red, magenta, rose, yellow, orange, purple, antifreeze, olive, green, aqua, blu
e, windex (medium blue), ice/lite blue, brown, gold

Colors NOT found in US---to my knowledge
-hot pink, creamy pink, apple green, black roof models, chocolate brown

HK colors:
-red, creamy pink, orange, purple, olive, green, aqua, blue, brown, gold,

Colors NOT found in HK---to my knowledge
-hot pink, magenta, rose, yellow, antifreeze, windex (medium blue), ice/lite blue, chocolate brown, apple green, black roof models

US vs HK
-notice the dull US wheel chrome vs the
bright HK wheel chrome

US vs HK rear panel
US panel is part of base while HK panel is part of body

US vs HK front end
-notice the steering wheel, windshield color and placement, difference in hoods

HK vs US engine compartments
-HK on left, US on right

The corvette interior came in three colors- white, brown, and champagne.  All body colors can be found with all three interior colors including the long steering wheel HK variation.

US vs HK interior
-notice the console and steering wheel

with windshields

HK interior difference
-regular vs long steering wheel (steering wheel matches color of interior)

US (clear) vs HK(blue) windshields

Underside of US body

Underside of HK body

Base Variations
-I have documented three variations with regards to Trademark logos.

w/ Hot Wheels (R)

w/Hot Wheels (TM)

w/ Hot Wheels (R) and Custom Corvette (TM)

HK base
-more detail than US base

Inside of base
-HK on Left, US on Right