Micro Corvettes

Zap N Go Prototypes
-never produced but pictured in 1984 Matteel Catalog

Micro Toy Fair banner

Micro Mini Color Racers Custom vette

Micro Chrome Racers


Micro Street Pack

Vette Variation

Loose Stingray

Race Pack

Loose 80

Off Road Pack

Loose Monster Vette

Classic Pack

Loose split

Micro Light Racers w/blue 63 split in bp

Loose View of Split window
-notice the light is turned on

Mini Formula Racers in bp

Loose View

Mini Park N' Plate in bp

white replace yellow on license plate

Pink Cal Custom watch

Blue Cal Custom watch

Micro Watches loose

Micro Park n Plate

yellow replaces white on license plate

Stingray Micro park n plate